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Interactive Toy Store For Children in St. Augustine

Olde Towne Toys was started by a couple of moms who wanted educational, fun, and really cool toys for their children. Saint Augustine is a small wonderful community; but, we didn't have a toy store. So, we made it our goal to open a store that you could come in and play! Isn't that what it's all about! Children that learn through play tend to be more creative. We also have lots of samples of the toys out on the shelves for you to try.

All year long we work on bringing in new and exciting toys, books, ride-on's, etc. We go to the big Toy Fair in New York City every year to see what's hot and then we attend the ASTRA Toy Fair which is geared for the specialty toy store. We have a pretty wide variety for a little store. Once you come in and enjoy the'll be back.