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Children's First Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Children's First Dinosaur Encyclopedia (Arcturus First Encyclopedias, 3) Hardcover

Incredible dinosaurs are introduced in this beautifully illustrated encyclopedia, from the gentle giants Diplodocus to the terrifying T.Rex.

This hardcover reference guide is perfect for introducing children to the wonders of the dinosaur kingdom, covering favorite and more unusual dinosaurs, as well as the reptiles and mammals they shared their world with. Their habitat, behavior, life cycle and appearance are discussed, as well as clear explanations as to how scientists found out about these magnificent prehistoric creatures.

Featured dinosaurs include:
• Gigantosaurus
• Tyrannosaurus
• Triceratops
• Stegosaurus
• Diplodocus

Awe-inspiring photo-realistic illustrations are accompanied by intriguing facts and information, including the pronunciations of the dinosaur names. Ideal for children aged 5+.

ABOUT THE SERIES:First Encyclopedias covers a variety of scientific topics, combining spectacular images with easy-to-understand facts, made fascinating to the youngest of readers.