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Tonies Peppa Pig

Tonies Peppa Pig Audio Play Character

  • Join Peppa Pig as she travels around the world and goes on holiday with George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig.
  • Teaches children about friendship, strengthening family bonds, travel, and adventure.
  • Includes Peppa Pig toy character with 7 stories and total run time of approximately 65 minutes. Recommended Age Range: 3+, Language: English, Narrated by John Sparkles.
  • Tracklist: Peppa Goes Around the World, George's Balloon, Peppa Goes on Holiday, Peppa Goes Skiing, Peppa Goes Boating, Miss Rabbit's Day Off, and Peppa's New Neighbours.
  • Requires Toniebox Audio Player to play audio; sold separately.