The colorful, scented, Funatic Foam brings bubbly fun to the bathtub or the backyard. Kids can spray foam made from real soap into the palms of their hands or blast it up to 8 feet when playing outside. It won’t sting kids’ eyes and is designed to be safe for indoor or outdoor use.

Funatic Foam is the best experience kids will ever have with soap: I say this with certainty. The spray foam is made from real soap, designed for play outside or in the bathtub.

Available in three color and scent combos, including Green Apple, Blue Bubble Gum, and Pink Berry, each one is sweeter than the next, and the scents are pleasant without being totally overwhelming. They’ll each leave kids’ skin smelling great, too.

Funatic Foam is crazy soft. The texture is similar to fluffy shaving cream, but without the stickiness. It’s addicting to touch and feels awesome in your hands, and leaves your skin surprisingly soft and smooth. I haven’t tried this yet, but I have to imagine Funatic Foam would make a great addition to DIY slime!