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Rocket Launch Flyers

HearthSong Quad Launch Rocket Flyers, Set of Eight

  • Send up to four rockets at a time soaring and howling through the air!
  • Set includes eight rockets, four launchers, and nine connectors
  • 7¾"L foam rockets have a weighted nose-cone to return to the ground
  • Rockets "pop" as they leave the launcher, howling as they fly up to 70 feet
  • Four 6½"L x 4½"W x 2¼"H launchers allow up to four aspiring astronauts to play at once
  • Easy use: smash the launcher with your foot, hand, or knee to send off the rocket
  • Configure the nine 6"L articulating connectors in any direction, or separate them for independent play
  • Ages 5 and up.

3-2-1-Blast off! Watch out, SpaceX—our Rocket Launch Flyers Set can send up to four rockets at a time soaring across your backyard and towards the sky. These soft foam rockets can launch as far as 70 feet, and their weighted nose-cone brings them back down to earth when the ride is over. Plus, you can set up the nine PVC articulating connectors in whatever configuration you want, so that aspiring astronauts can send their rockets in any direction (just please don't aim at your friend's face). Or, separate the pieces and have a friendly backyard competition to see who can send their rocket the farthest.

Easy to launch—just smash the launching pad (four included) with your foot, hand, or knee—the lightweight rocket will "pop" off the launcher faster than lightning, and howl through the air as it flies!

Set includes eight 7¾"L rockets, four launchers, and nine 6"L PVC articulating connectors.