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Spin Brightz PINK

Spin Brightz PINK

Twisting, Swirling, Twirling and more! Let our Spin Brightz light up your night with these swirling streams of color. Spin lights ?are a neat way to see color in action as your wheels spins. These bike lights? give your evening stroll with that special someone a beautiful illumination. If you’re up to it, try to hypnotize your friends with these spinning rim lights? as you cycle circles around them.

Turn heads with a twist!

Now, because of the design of Spin Brightz, it’s easy to come up with different color combinations for your bike lights. ?You can either do two different colored spoke lights,? one for the front and one for the back. Or, if you are feeling really spunky, change it up and and combine your colors. You can do this by putting two Spin Brightz on one wheel. Just be sure to line the spike lights ?up at different points so that the colors don’t blend. Well, if you think about it, blending the colors might come up with a really neat color of it’s own!

Installation of the Spin Brightz is really simple and does not take much time. Just attach the battery pack to the wheel hub with the included silicon belt cover, wrap the 3 strands of lights around your spokes, and take it for a spin! I bet you can’t wait to mount these spoke lights ?to your favorite bike. So what are you waiting for? Choose your Spoke Brightz now and take it for a twirl!