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Spinning Turtle Sprinkler

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Product details


Twirls are created as the water is released via the spinning back of the turtle as well as the attached wiggle tubes. Your kids

will be mesmerized by the playful effect of the water as it spins and trns out of this garden water sprinkler for kids.

This sprinkling toy will provide you with the greatest fun for a perfect water game on the lawn, because it can splash water

to 8 feet for best results.

Its weight is also very light, so no matter where you are, you can easily bring it to a friend's house and have fun throughout

the summer.

The cute turtle shape of the water spray toy makes your child love much, the fun design of rotating water spray for playing

in all the summer.

No need to worry about wasting time and effort to set up splash toys, because no tools or professionals required.

All kids aged 3 years old will love to receive this fun and energetic, toy for outside activity.