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70122 Pru With Horse & Foal

70122 Playmobil Spirit Riding Free PRU with Horse & Foal

Pru looks after the newborn foal Governor and its mother.
Pru is an downright horse expert. Her father owns the most horses in Miradero. Whenever there is a question about horses, Pru knows what to do. Besides her love for horses, Pru is also a passionate singer. At first she is afraid to perform and sing on a stage in front of an audience, but thanks to Aunt Cora's help she can overcome her stage fright. The play set includes Pru in a yellow dress, a horse with foal, trough with food and other accessories.

About this item

  • Based on the hit Netflix series, spirit riding free
  • Help pru as she takes care of the newest foal, governor, and his mother
  • Governor is part of spirit’s wild herd and the pals helped deliver the young foal during the governor's ball, which is how the young horse got his name
  • Pru uses the bottle to feed the foal and never forgets a carrot snack for the horse
  • Set includes pru, horse, foal, feed, bottle, carrots, apples, and other accessories