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Haba Glove Puppet Eat It Up

HABA Eat-it-up Dragon Glove Puppet

Age: 3 Years and Up

Is it a dragon or a monster? Your child can decide! Whether it is making up their own stories or re-enacting fairy tales - there are all sorts of ways to delve into the world of fantasy with this Glove Puppet. But watch out, he has a huge appetite! Measures 15.75"

Raise the curtains and put on a show with Eat-it-up Glove Puppet! This cute little guy is perfect for any theatrical production your little one puts on. This friendly horned puppets eyes move, includes a plastic ball to "feed the monster". The plastic ball has mini rolling balls inside that rattle as the monster food lands in his belly bag! Fun play time with Eat-it-up silly ball eating dragon.