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Ben Franklin Chemistry Lab Pad

Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Lab Pad Science Kit

Product details

Have fun with over 12 safe experiments that will blow your mind and impress your friends. The ultimate STEM educational toy. This complete chemistry science kit is perfect for the future chemist or just for fun. Great for home or classroom. Includes our unique ""lab pad"" which keeps all your tools  and supplies clean and orderly. Each kit contains easy to follow instructions for performing exciting experiments with over 50 quality pieces. Here are just a few of the contents: periodic table of elements, test tubes, beaker, write and wipe note pad with dry erase marker, goggles, petri dishes, funnel, pipette, bowl, storage containers, safe color mixes, safe sodium alginate powder, safe calcium chloride, magic crystal mix, syringe, experiment cards. Includes a bonus certificate of excellence award that you can present upon completion of the experiments. You’ll need a few common household items such as alum powder spice, baking soda, balloon, corn starch, dish soap, egg, white flowers, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, pipe cleaners, salt, vinegar, and a yeast packet. We supply over 50 additional tools and supplies in the kit. Perform these mind blowing experiments: -Flowers for Mom -Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies -Elephant Toothpaste -Gross and Slimey OooooZe Slime -Exploding Colors -Baloon Ahoy! -Penny Shine -Naked Egg -Make Snow! -The Blob Lives -Wiggly Worms -Invisible Ink"
12 + safe experiments with easy to follow experiment cards.Over 50 quality sience tools included.Unique "Lab Pad" keeps everything organized, neat and clean.Wipe-off checklists and action steps.These are REAL experiments and great fun.
  • Mind-blowing: hours of fun with 12+ safe science experiments with easy-to-follow experiment cards
  • Over 50 Pieces - Everything you need in a high-quality science experiment kit for kids.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Unique "lab pad" keeps everything organized, neat and tidy.
  • Exclusive: Our Kids Science Experiment Kits include a hands-on checklist and action steps, easy to follow for kids ages 5, 6, 7, 8 and up.
  • Real Life - These are real experiments and great fun at home or in the classroom.