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Feel Flux Skill Set - Deep Red

FEEL FLUX - Skill Set

A scientific toy that feels like magic.

Push your Feel Flux skills to the next level with two Flux tubes in one set!

The Skill Flux set uses the same astonishing physics of the Flux Original, except now it's sped up and enhanced for inspiring intense tricks and astonishing feats of physics.

But first, what exactly is Feel Flux? - Simply: An extremely strong magnetic ball and a precision-crafted tube made of pure aluminum (or in this case, two tubes for pulling all kinds of tricks). What does it do? Two words: Anti Gravity.

Drop the magnetic ball into one of the aluminum tubes and astonishingly the ball drastically slows its fall WITHOUT touching any part of the tube's surface.

The science is, frankly, way too complicated for us to explain here (Though, if you want to look it up, it's called Lenz's Law) - BUT, that's not going to stop you from wanting to explore the phenomenon again and again and again.

Keep the ball in the air without even touching it. Try to find the perfect balance while you roll the ball around the edge of one of the tubes.

Give one tube to a friend and try playing a game of catch. Create and learn new moves in different styles, play fast, or be a zen master - It's all up to you and your creativity!

The Skill Flux tubes are designed so you can stack them for special tricks or for a longer ball-slowing experience. Plus, they're wrapped in high quality leather for a comfortable grip and a stylish look.

Harness the magic of physics and discover what you're capable of with the FEEL FLUX Skill Set!

FEEL FLUX - Skill Set

  • Magnetic ball that falls amazingly slowly when dropped through included aluminum tubes
  • Encourages a sense of wonder, an interest in physics
  • Harness one of the astonishing wonders of our universe!
  • Aluminum allows for perfect ball-speed for trying all kinds of tricks
  • Unique shape allows tubes to be stacked for special tricks or longer ball-slowing experience
  • You can feel the weight of the ball as it slowly falls through the tubes
  • Powered by a unique law of physics that is taught only in advanced classes
  • High quality CNC manufactured finish creates a bright and shiny look
  • Leather covers seamlessly blend into the surface of the metal, provides a stable grip when playing
  • Includes one ultra-strong magnet ball, 2 Skill Flux tube, cloth pouch
  • High quality, precision-crafted design - Absolute premium feel
  • Made in Hungary